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Thoughts and Feedback on the Rocky Mountain 1200

Harold Bridge


Talking to riders & other helpers during & after the event I have been given some ideas for the future. They are mostly concerned with what MacLean's Magazine once described as Canada's worst stretch of road; Kicking Horse Pass. We can't avoid it & maintain the current route with the major attraction of the Ice Fields Parkway. But it is possible that with a change of start location & time as well as a counter clockwise route we could get everyone to Lake Louise in daylight.

By using that stretch of TCH east bound the riders would miss most of the fallen rock, as it is the north side of the Highway that has the greatest amount of cliff face. Also, as it is mostly uphill going east the riders will be going slower & are less likely to run into rocks ont' road.

The other matter is the excessively long ride from Golden to Revelstoke. It was suggested there should be a control at Roger's Pass. Ice Fields Centre is run by the same sort of shopkeeper mentality we have now in Victoria. Would we be better off at Saskatchewan River Crossing & Sunwapta Falls? That too is a rather long stretch.