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More Featured Rides: Rocky Mt 1200 - VanIsle 1200 - Victoria Populaire
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Paris Brest Paris
(History, etc.)

ACP Centenary 300:

Four Region Results
(June 11)

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The Bridges & Ferries Tour 1000 (August 13)
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August 6:
Mainand: Joffre Lake 400 -->Details
Interior: Blue River 600 -->Details

July 31:
Island: Gravel 200 -->Results

July 23:
Mainland: Crouching Rat 300 -->Results

In the Newsletter:
Karen Smith's Flood Route in June P#216 -->Go
Barry Monaghan ...Tequila Sunrise, P#161 -->Go

Minutes for Randonneur Committee meeting on
July 14, 2022 -->Go

Permanents Are Happening--> Go
(Recent results & new permanent routes)

In the Newsletter:

Journey of the Sorcerer
(Elaho) Permanent #216
Part 1: DNS
Part 2: Foiled Again


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