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These notes concern mainly the early years.

There was no effort to assemble results information until 2000, and by that time some data from 1996, 1997 and 1998 was already lost. In particular starters and non finishers were not recorded for 1996 and 1998. In 2010 I put together all the information we had into an Excel file ("complete results database" - linked above) to preserve the information, and to make it easier to sort.

Age Information:

Rider's ages were collected starting in 2002. This has made it possible to fill in some ages going backwards to the earlier events. Other missing ages were found using birth date information from several sources. The ages information we had for 2004 was problematic - many remain unconfirmed and are likely inaccurate. If you notice any errors for this year, or for other years, I'd appreciate hearing about it. Birth date information (rather than age) is the most helpful.

The ages on all lists are from the beginning of the event.

Understanding the 1000 + 200 Results (1996, 1997, 1998):

An option for riders in the first three RM 1200s was to ride a 1000 km brevet (a component of Audax Club Parisien's coveted BR 5000 medal), and then a 200 km brevet to get back to the start in Kamloops. Riders who did both brevets were also given honourary 1200 km times.

The main sources for all results information for the 1996, 1997 and 1998 Rocky Mt. brevets are the three final results reports which appeared in the back pages of the club newsletter in those years. The results for the 1000 km brevets are straight forward. Some questions arise, however, about the 200 km brevets, and the problems are a little different in each year.

In the 1996 final results report, times are given for both the 1000 km brevet and the honourary 1200 km. There is no indication in the report that there was a 200 km Rocky Mt brevet. The 200 km times indicated in the current Excel database (linked above), are the differences between the honourary 1200 times and the 1000 brevets times. All of the 200 km brevet times (there are only three of them) are comfortably within the 13:30 hour time limit.

In the 1997 final results report, times ARE indicated for the 200 km brevets, as well as for the 1000s and 1200s. An irregularity is that the 1997 1000+200 times do not add up to the honourary 1200 times. If the brevets were continuous (the 1000 followed immediately by the 200), then none of the 200 km times would have been within the 13:30 time limit. So there was likely a gap between the two events. It is not known if all the 200 km riders started together, or if maybe there was flexible start time, like for a permanent. In any case, the 200 km times were recognized by ACP.

In the 1998 final results report, there are no honourary 1200 km times indicated, but both the 1000 and 200 brevets have times. The 1200 km times indicated in the current Rocky Mt results database are simply the sum of the 1000 and 200 km times.

Missing Information:

I mention above that I am hoping for more accurate age information. This goes for other information as well. I would appreciate any corrections or additions. Send to eric_fergusson@telus.net

Eric Fergusson
January, 2010