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Missing Question Control
Tour of Bays 400
Ride Dates: August 12-18, 2020
Submitted by Stephen Hinde

On the recent Island 400, the information control at Honeymoon Bay Provincial Park asked about the sign warning of cougars in the area. All riders were unable to find this sign, so most submitted selfies from the park as proof, One of the riders started at an alternate start, so arrived at the park during the afternoon while park staff were there. Here is his ‘proof of passage’.

"One interesting thing happened in Honeymoon Bay. I could not find any sign of “caution Beware of) that the control card was asking. I checked over every sign (and there are lots of them). I decided I better check with a Parks attendant. Sure enough, there was a sign. But with a laugh, she remarked that it has been stolen again. Apparently, cougar has certain reference to one segment of our population and it has been popular to steal a sign announcing “Caution: Cougar in area.” I got my answer and a laugh as well.”


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August 20, 2020