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Permanents Cancelled

Following discussions with club president Colin Fingler and Mike Hagen the decision has been made to indefinitely suspend the permanents program beginning today March 22, 2020.

I'm leaving this message below as a relic - a moment in our history.

Stay well.

(BC Randonneurs Permanents Coordinator)

March 21, 2020

Pandemic Permanents Protocol
Tips for Riding Your Zero-Contact Permanent in the Shadow of COVID-19
by Eric Fergusson
(BC Randonneurs Permanents Coordinator)

Medical officials in British Columbia are still saying that getting out side is a good idea. We’re being encouraged to get out there and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine BUT must do so with some caution. Ideally we should be walking, hiking and cycling alone, without direct contact with other people, and without touching the things they touch. We need to observe “social distancing” which means physical distancing – stay at least two metres away from others.

BC Randonneurs normal schedule in on hold: we’ve suspended the running of all group rides including populaires and ACP/RM sanctioned brevets. At the moment riding permanent brevets remains on the menu. We are fortunate that riding a permanent is an activity that is possible to do with zero human contact. But to achieve this we need to modify our approach. Here is the Covid-19 protocol for riding a BC Randonneurs permanent brevet.

1. Entry Send your event form/waiver with a little extra time. There may be new developments from the club that I need to pass on to you.

2. Route Choice Choose a route that minimizes paths and gathering points shared with significant numbers pedestrians. Obviously you can’t choose a ride that goes into Washington State.

3. Food & Fluids Take enough food and water for the entire ride. If you get into trouble with water, find a low contact, low risk solution. Think in advance if there are emergency water sources on your route.

4. Control Verification Temporarily you can self sign at all controls that aren’t question controls, including the start and finish.

5. Observe the Current Health & Safety Practices To re-emphasize comments touched on above, avoid direct contact with others and observe the distancing rules (two metres). Don’t have direct contact with things other people touch, like taps and door knobs. This means that you will need to discretely and as remotely as possible, use the great outdoors as your toilet. Washing hands will not be possible if you avoid taps and doorknobs, but consider packing sanitary wipes.


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March 21, 2020