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Out of Control
Permanent #165, 206 km
Ride date: November 21, 2019
by Mike Hagen

Gosh, that’s a tough course. How could I have forgotten? Sumas Mtn is a b*tch. Grade hits 14%. Not easy when my cassette tops out at 27. Don’t know why I’m such a masochist.

But it was fun. There’s a couple more tweaks to do, so I’ll resend route sheet and control card.

Card attached. I started my Garmin at the house. To be consistent with past practice, I should have started it when I entered the route, which was at Lougheed and Willingdon. But I noted the time, and that’s what I put on the card.

There is new pavement at the top of Batt Rd. So I continued on up Bakstad Rd and then Brown Rd, right to the top. Taggart is also paved but I didn’t see how far.

Hayward Dam was closed so I detoured to the Lougheed and climbed Wilson from there. More climbing . . . I don’t think the route will normally top 2000 m.

It got dark on me at Pitt Meadows. But the MHB (actually PoCo Trail and Argue) and the Lougheed worked very well. Lots of light. Mostly.



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November 22, 2019