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Permanent #18 Report
Fraser Valley Flatlander, Chilliwack Start
Ride date: July 28, 2019
by Michel Richard

It was a lovely ride. Slightly chilly at the start but warming up quite quickly. The winds were moderate in the morning but picked up on our way back from Fort Langley giving us a nice boost. The final stretch from Popkum was hard. A strong headwind and a hot sun in our faces made this our toughest section. We were glad to finish under 10 hours.

The highlight was getting a free meal in Fort Langley at the Little Donkey eatery. I know the owner from my work! Their burritos are delicious and the service is very fast, perfect for a rando stop. They even have vegan options.

I hadn’t done a permanent in a long while. My cardio, strength and endurance were fine but my contact points and postural muscles sure let me know they weren’t happy. Karen and I will be doing some cycling in Italy this September so this was a great way to give my cycling a boost.

No mechanicals and no flats. Cards below.



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August 9 2019