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November Flatlander
Permanent #18
Ride date: November 20, 2018
by Karen Smith

GaryBaker and I rode our Permanent on Tuesday, November 20.

Permanent Brevet #18, with a Chilliwack start.
203 km
11 hrs 03

It was a great day! Can’t ask for much better on a November Ride!
We started in 2 degrees, and finished in 6 degrees. I think it got up to around 10 degrees in Abbotsford.
I was never cold.
We had frost in the shoulder and beside the road to start and then later in the Ft Langley area in the middle of the day.
I only once felt my tire swish on a slippery surface. That was coming out of Chilliwack Lake Rd early in the ride.

It was a nice sunny day.
The wind didn’t really have an impact.
No mechanicals, no flats. : )

The big thing that we discovered on yesterday’s ride was that:
Wow! As soon as we turned on to 272 from Zero Ave, Gary said that 272nd went from the worst road to the best road on our Permanent!
Remember how rough it was?! And being an uphill stretch, the roughness always took a toll on your speed.
If you had a full bladder on that section, it was really tough!
Now it is sooooo smooooooth!

Sigi and I did this ride in September, and 272 was blocked off then and we had to do 264th. Now I know why….

: )

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November 22, 2018