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Chehalis Bridge

Permanent #21: "Fraser Flats" 307
Ride date: July 2, 2018
by Michael McIntosh

Mike checked in after his recent permanent and agreed to let us put this in the newsletter. It's a good opportunity to remind permanent riders that it's ok to ride similar distance roads as long as you get to the existing controls. Especially in the lower mainland, road changes have meant that many of the old roads are gone and that there are new or better ways through. [EF]

Hi Eric and Bob,

Here's a scan of my controle card from the 300 permanent I did on July 2. I only made a couple of route adjustments to the original -- getting on River Road from the Patullo, and I used the Fremont-Traboulay- Argue connection in Poco to avoid riding on Mary Hill Bypass. My total distance for the ride was 307.4, so no shortcuts with my adjustments. I liked this route, bit of everything, except long climbs. Even the winds cooperated a bit, as the dreaded return on Lougheed was a cross instead of the usual headwind. The photo is for the Chehalis controle -- there wasn't anyone around on this side of the campground. I guess I could have continued on to the gas station but settled for this instead. Nice to run into Deirdre, Bob, Will and Manfred at the Birchwood Dairy controle -- I took a page out of their Rando playbook and had a sit down sandwich break with my wife at the Sasquatch Inn.

Let me know if you need anything else.
Cheers, Mike

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July 17, 2018