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Canada Photo at PBP 2015
by Eric Fergusson

People have been asking if there is going to be a Canada photo for PBP again. I’ve contacted the other Canadian clubs and we have agree to have the photo on Saturday August 15 (bike check day) at 2:30 p.m. I hope BC will be well represented again this time.

Note that the start (and bike check location) has changed from 2011 and earlier. It is at the newly completed National Velodrome, a little to west of the old location, and actually a little closer to our hotel. See map below: I’ve marked the old start location in red. We’ve tentatively agreed to meet for the photo outside the main entrance of the Velodrome.

Two notes:
1. Do not take photos yourself of the group. We've learned that it's hard to get a good photo when people are jumping up to take photos. It is common for there to be lots of friends and family members at the photo shoot. Give your camera to one of them. They have been happy to help out in the past. Photos will be available later, here on the BC Randonneurs web site. We're hoping that people will send in their best shots.
2. We need to start on time. Last time we got going a little early, and a few people missed being in the photo. To be safe, be sure you don't cut it too fine, and show up early.

Stick around for the BC club photo at ~2:40.

Photo is at new start and bike check location (National Velodrome)
Here's PBP's time table for 2015

Here are some photos from past PBPs:







July 12, 2015