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Ferry Tale 200
Ride date: April 25,2015
by Bob Goodison

The old saying, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute", certainly applied to the Ferry Tale 200. We started with an overcast sky and temperature about 5 degrees C. Winds were calm as we rode out to the first control at Mclure, where Susan was staffing a control (complete with home made raspberry orange muffins). Had it not been for the ferry wait and ride, speedsters Ian Fillinger and Nigel Press would have arrived at the control too early. At this point the route deviated from the old "River Runs Through it. We turned north on the Yellowhead . It was warming up as we turned onto Agate Bay road, and the only big climb of the ride.

After topping the big hill, we had s a strong tailwind and rolling terrain through a beautiful valley to the turnaround at the second (information) control. That tailwind turned into a fierce headwind, and on the way back down to the Yellowhead there was much speculation as to what it might be doing in the valley bottom. It was not what we had hoped. It's not often a tailwind is disappointing, but this one was, as we knew we would only have it for a couple of kilometers, before the turnaround control at the Esso in Barriere, before riding south straight into it. Fortunately, it didn't last long, and at some point turned into a tailwind, accompanied by sunshine. By the time we got to Heffley Creek, it was warm enough that I was down to short sleeves and shorts, for a really pleasant ride back to Kamloops. Turning onto East Shuswap Road, we were once again blasted with a headwind, with black clouds ahead. The temperature dropped ten degrees C over the next 17 km, and it started to rain, but I was too stubborn to put on more clothes when I could see the finish control, even though it was across the river, and 10 kilometers away by road.

Congratulations to new randonneur Peter Nickerson, who rode strongly all day and was the first rider in after Nigel and Ian. A big thank you to Henry, Jill, Cheryl and Nigel for making the trip from Vancouver to join us. Everyone liked the new route, although there were requests for less wind and cleaner road shoulders. There were a few flat tires. See you at the 300.

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April 27, 2015