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So... How Wet Was It?
by Michel Richard

Michel Richard & Karen Smith
Permanent #18 "Fraser Valley Flatlander"
203 km in 11h28m on Sunday, March 29, 2015

It was the toughest one in a while for both of us. We had been unable to ride any earlier this month due to illness or having other commitments. So although we knew that the weather forecast looked terrible, we had no more weekend days left in the month to get it done. So we got ourselves psyched up and put on all our rain gear and got it done.

How wet was it?

It was so wet, that we saw no other cyclists all day, not even in Fort Langley. Maybe they were riding the Populaire?

It was so wet, that motorcyclists (all off-road types) were waving at us in solidarity. That felt weird.

It was so wet, almost every piece of our rain gear failed. We got soaked. I kept making fists with my gloves to wring out the water.

It was so wet, that the normally teeming Abbotsford homeless camp was deserted. Where did they go?

It was so wet, that there were no other customers at the Yellow Barn for the 1/2 hour we were there. The two young women minding the store were so bored that they started asking us questions, they needed someone to talk to.

It was so wet, that Karen’s rack pack contents were wet at the finish. That bag hadn’t leaked before.

In spite of all this, it was still fun in a way. We both felt a huge sense of accomplishment, thinking that only hardcore Randonneurs would have done this. After all, it’s the challenging rides that are remembered. And that they also get better with the passage of time.


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April 1, 2015