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Raid on Royston, 300
Ride date: July 5, 2014
by Bob Boonstra

This was a message sent by Bob Boonstra to Island Route Coordinator Mike Croy. Later Bob agreed to let us put it in the newsletter. EF

First of all, thanks for organizing. It is always a treat to see each of you. Sorry I didn't really spend any time with your son at the Tim Horton's at either the start or at Duncan - my excuse is that I was just trying to get my stuff in order at the start lest I get blown off right away by Sarah, and pretty much the same excuse at Duncan.

I did enjoy the ride, having made good time with Sarah until about the 95 km point when she stopped at roadside for something whilst I decided to have a sandwich out of the rack pack. The last 200+ km I rode on my own.

My time to 200 km was 8:15 which I was quite pleased with and I hoped to make 20 kph on the return journey south to the finish but alas, the winds did prevail against us and I did not quite make this average but soldiered on steadily at any rate. At the Royston turn Ken Bonner was about 15 km ahead and Sarah maybe half that while the two leaders were considerably ahead by that time.

The two tail-gunners were not too far behind and one passed me while I enjoyed a coffee at Starbucks in Parksville.

I finished at 9:21 pm for an elapsed time of 14:21 on the course.

I enjoyed the wide shoulders, the quiet traffic north of Parksville and getting to Jinglepot road nearing the finish. The downhills I enjoyed but was rather pathetic on the last uphills having no jam left in the legs.

I enjoyed a bowl of soup at the Chase River finish along with a frozen fruit smoothie which went down a little to fast at first and damn near froze my esophagus as well. I fixed that with a few spoonfuls of that nice warm soup before heading back to the Dorchester Best Western and the nice warm shower and comfy bed.

We are back home now in Kamloops. I am considering over my beer, some training rides and perhaps the 400 km backroads route on the island in 3 weeks. Thanks to each of you for your efforts. I always enjoy seeing you.

Thanks for the envelope. My card will be in the mail tomorrow (Tuesday), so you should have it by the end of the week or early next.

Cheers... Bob Boonstra

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July 09, 2014