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16 BC Randonneurs at the Cascade 1200
Ride dates: June 21-24, 2014

Here they are:

 81:12  Ryan Golbeck
 81:12  Nigel Press
 81:50  Ken Bonner
 82:19  Chris Cullum
 82:19  John Oswald
 84:30  Ed Person
 84:32  Dave King
 84:32  David Robertson
 86:30  Bob Goodison
 86:30  Gary Sparks
 87:23  Randy Benz
 89:24  Gary Baker
 89:24  Barry D Chase
 89:24  Jaime Guzman
  DNF   Chad Coates 
  DNF   Theo Wyne

The event results have frequently been dodgy... I'll post my own version of the full results here: Cascade 1200 Results.

Well it's not a race... I'm sure you've heard this. Still, it was nice to see that there were 8 BC riders in the top 15. Congratulations to all the BC riders.

Here's the event web site: Cascade 1200 Home.


June 26, 2014