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Dug Down Under
by Dug Andrusiek

Dug Andrusiek was a four-time BC Super Randonneur and was on the Rando Committee for 2012 and 2013. (He was also a flèche team mate of mine and regular riding partner.) In spring 2013 he followed a job opportunity to Australia. He got in touch with Cheryl Lynch recently and offered this update as he settles in to his new life in Perth. He agreed to let us put this message in the newsletter. [EF]

Hey Cheryl,

How's it going? I checked in to see if I could sign up for the 2014 membership, but it looks like the online sign up isn't available yet. Would you mind dropping me a line when it is set up, as I would really like to continue being a member. [Dug's message is from mid January. The on-line registration for 2014 club membership is now operational.]

I did manage to link up with the Western Australia Chapter of Audax Australia, however I only managed to complete 500 km of brevet distance over the 2013 season. The first ride I did was a 300 km ride up the north coast (from Perth) to Lancelin, WA. Lancelin is better known as the location for a huge wind and kite surfing (, but fortunately the conditions were not optimal for either of those activities that day. As you may know, winds can be quite strong in WA.

My second brevet was a 200 just a few weeks ago, which headed south of Perth, and around the Peel Inlet (called Peel around Peel 200). The weather was a bit hotter on that day (I think the max temp while we were riding was in the mid-30s). A lovely ride that included over 50 kms of dedicated cycling lane and some beautiful views of the Indian Ocean. It has taken a bit to figure out how to work with my body in these conditions. Unlike BC, water is a bit of an issue, so you really need to plan things out. And, it seems like my body still thinks it is in BC where water is plentiful: it seems like I drink twice as much as everyone else.

Overall, the riding infrastructure in and around Perth is wonderful. Lots of dedicated bike lanes and the city are surrounding area are pretty much pancake flat. Perth drivers, however, are something else. People tell me it is getting better. I will take their word for it.

Anyway, let me know when the online membership goes live, and say hi to Nigel and the rest of the clan.



February 2, 2014