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Cool Elephant
Permanent #81 "Rambling Elephant" Report, January 5, 2014
by Nigel Press

Started at off into the dense scary fog at 7am after some french toast from the Knight & Day. Not sure of the actual temperature but the weather man said -3 (sorry no Garmin data). Thankfully the dense scary fog was gone at New West and bright blue sky for the rest of the day. The main roads were well salted but the side ones were a little slick so no standing and pedaling up the hills. My bottles were all slushy by the time I got to river road and my sun classes which were stuck into my helmet were covered in ice. Stopped for brunch in Crescent Beach at the Sunflower Cafe and had a really nice large bowl of cream of broccoli soup. Never had broccoli soup like it before, it was like hot puréed broccoli paste. Very filling and tasty. By this time the weather man says it was 4 degrees, still it felt the same as when I started now that I was all sweaty. At least I wasn't having to suck back slush from my bottles anymore. Only a quick stop in Fort Langley to get my card signed by a fellow standing outside of Wendell's Cafe. There was a line-up out the door and no way I was going to wait. Bummer all I was thinking about riding down Glover Rd is there's going to be big hot chocolate with whipped cream at the end of this road and its going to be so hot and so sweet. Ah-well off to the hills in Coquitlam. Finished off the ride with another bowl of more traditional cream of broccoli soup at the Night & Day which was pretty dam good to.



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January 7, 2014