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Coastal Inspiration - Lake Cowichan Days
Permanent #97
by Graham Fishlock

This tid bit is from a personal message from Graham. He said he was fine with me sharing it.

Completed Permanent #97, Coastal Inspiration, 211 km, today June 9th. Time: 9:45 I could have ridden the Pacific Shoreline route with Dave and company but decided I needed the hill climbing plus a good lunch in Port Renfrew. Well, I got both plus lots of wind as well as being very cool on the West Coast today. I had to wear all my clothes today as well as balaclava and long gloves even over the Hillcrest Pass in both directions. Pleasantly sunny by the time I got back to Lake Cowichan where they were crowning the Queen of the Lake during "Lake Cowichan Days.


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June 15, 2012