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Interior 400k Brevet
Richard Blair

Thirteen riders started and 13 riders finished the Interior 400km brevet on the weekend of May 26/27, 2012. The ride started sunny and cool, developed into sunny and hot and, for those still riding in the early Sunday morning hours – and there were a fair number of riders included in that group -- a great star display and some rather cool temperatures, also described as “bloody cold”. The upside of the lower temperatures was that in the dark they provided the chattering teeth necessary for us to keep track of our companions’ positions.. Tail winds pushed us along for the first 200km brevets, but when the riders turned so too did the winds. Ah well, cyclists cannot have it all their own way. On the ride, Guido Van Duyn and Barry Chase represented the Lower Mainland segment of our club and the newcomers to randonneuring were ably represented by Rob Hall, of Kamloops. Ride organizer Bob Boonstra arranged for a control at the Cedar Creek Winery in Kelowna which would have been a wonderful opportunity for us to enjoy a selection of the Okanagan’s wines, but unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, we were only half way into the ride when we checked through the control. So we passed through rather than passed out. T’was a pity, for sure.

For those intrigued by such things, the riders and their times were as follows: Shawn and Chris Wenger in a strong 15 hours 25 minutes; Bob Goodison, Rob Hall and Randy Benz in 18 hours 45 minutes; Doug Fox in 19 hours 45 minutes; Guido van Duyn and Barry Chase in 21 hours 30 minutes; Richard Blair and Bud Macrae in 21 hours and 42 minutes; Mike Eder and Connie Van der Ree in 23 hours and 36 minutes; followed by the ever consistent and reliable Trevor Taylor in 24 hours and 34 minutes.


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May 26, 2012