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Crouching Rat 300
Organizer's Report
by Chris Cullum

The "Crouching Rat" Lower Mainland Spring 300 is the first brevet that I have organized and judging by the reaction at the finish (at least while I was there) I believe it was a success. We had 42 starters and 39 finishers. The weather held off and the conditions for a Spring 300 were quite decent with little rain and mild temperatures. Leading up to the pre-ride I thought I might be only able to staff one control on the route but a quick note to the BC Rando discussion list and I had an abundance of volunteers. In fact, all controls, save the first info control up on Panorama Dr, were staffed with friendly faces and abundant food. A great thank you to all of you helped put on this ride, from ride day volunteers to route coordinators, your help was invaluable.

I took a few chances with this route incorporating bike routes, gravel paths and a number of hills concentrated in the first half. I knew going in that perhaps not everyone would like my choices but the feedback I have received has been very positive. Everyone seemed have different favourite parts and not so favourite parts of this route! Despite my best efforts, some riders were even able to post some impressive times on what was a challenging and not inherently fast route.

Thank you to everyone that participated,


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April 30, 2012