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Tour DeMilles 200 Report
bu Bob Goodison

The new Tour DeMilles 200 route attracted 15 riders, five of them new randonneurs. Three came from Quesnel- Mary Lou Brisco and her daughter Chelsea, and Christine Kraayvanger. Two others- Rob Hall and Wendy Gardner, came from Kamloops. After a frosty start the sun eventually warmed riders, who gradually removed layer after layer of extra clothing. Chelsea unfortunately called it quits at Sicamous, rather than risk injuring a knee that had seen too much use recently in firefighting training, Bob Boonstra proved that 27 km so far this year is enough training to complete a 200. Wendy managed to stay with the Wengers and finished in a very impressive 7:27. Larry reported a total elevation gain of 1587 meters. All riders were tired but happy at the finish. Thanks to DeMilles Matket for allowing the use of their parking lot and washrooms.


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April 22, 2012