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Early Season Torture
Permanent #60 Report - March 24
by Dog Fox

It was one of those rides; you know, not much to natter on about, the weather's OK, the traffic ain't bad, the wind ain't trying to blow you backward, and none of us is being an idiot....but the 2,460m of climbing, according to Randy, sorta made up for all that. For early in season, over only 200k, it seemed that it never ended. Starting with about 600m over 20k up Green Mtn Rd, another few hundred over the rollers and the Richter into Osoyoos, a bunch of rollers along Black Sage, and then the haul ALL the way back up to the Yellow Lake area, we were more than glad to scream back down to OK Falls. One last pull up McKlean Creek Rd saw us finally leave the drags behind and head for home along the lake, arriving some 10:21 after leaving. I've done that ride before, in the Spring also with about 2,000k already in the legs, and not felt the climbing as much; for some reason yesterday was different. Can't be age, won't listen to that.

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March 26, 2012