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Lower Mainland
Call For Volunteers
from Gary Baker & Keith Nichol

At the club's executive meeting on November 8th, we (Gary and Keith) agreed to co-ordinate the 2012 Lower Mainland Region brevets. Gary will take the lead in recruiting volunteers to organize the brevets, and Keith will handle route management to insure the designated routes conform to ACP rules and meet safety standards.

The brevets we all ride are only possible thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers who do the planning and staff the controls. So..... YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOUR HELP! Remember, if you organize or volunteer in other ways, you can still get credit for the ride. You just need to show up for the organizer's pre-ride.

Already several experienced brevet organizers have indicated their willingness to take the lead in organizing some brevets, but there is room and frankly a need for new organizers as well. The club has an excellent set of guidelines and tools for brevet organizers - The Organizers Page - which has been assembled over the past several years by Ali and Roger Holt. Both Keith and Gary, the members of the executive and the experienced brevet organizers will all be happy to provide guidance and assistance to anyone agreeing to coordinate a brevet for the first time. The task is not hard - it just takes willingness to donate some time. Please give it some serious thought.

If you are willing to organize a brevet we'd sure like to hear from you. We'd like to have an organizers list set by December 15. Please let Gary know you're interested. Contact him at: or 604-858-4928

Of course many brevets require additional volunteers for the event to be run successfully. If you are willing to assist as a volunteer for a particular brevet, please contact Gary. He will compile a list and forward your name to the/a brevet organizer. NOTE: After January 1, 2012 please contact the brevet organizer directly to offer your help.

Many hands make for light work.
Please pitch in and let's make 2012 the best brevet season ever!


November 15, 2011