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Permanent Results Reporting - How To

A lot of riders are out there riding October permanents, and it's great to see. I enjoy getting your results and putting them on the web site immediately. One obstacle is that the key information is frequently elusive or missing, and I would say this is true for over half of the results I receive. It would make the process much easier for me if your reporting in looked something like Jeff's (who always makes it easy for me):

Jeff Schlingloff
Permanent # 49 - Comox Valley, Mt. Washington - 200 km *
October 15, 2011

* rounded down distance: 232. 7 should be rounded down to 232 km

Then make sure to send scans of your control card to Bob Koen, who will examine your card, check the control times and verify your permanent.

The military precision reporting doesn't preclude saying a few words about your ride - I always like to hear this. Some riders even send photos.

Happy permanating!


October 28, 2011