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Dug's Top 10 List
by Dug Andrusiek

Top 10 Reasons why I am okay with not finishing PBP

10. My knee hurt
  9. I was too tired to carry on
  8. I couldn’t keep up with the Irish riders I had started with, and it wouldn’t have been the same finishing without them
  7. I wouldn’t have had a chance to eat a saucisse dans une crêpe in Loudeac
  6. I wanted to do more sightseeing in Paris
  5. Barb and I to do a wine tasting course at O Château
  4. I am not a very good climber, so not having to ride over the ‘rock ‘ up to Brest was a good thing
  3. I missed Barb (I always miss her when I do these rides)
  2. I am okay with postponing the pleasure of finishing PBP for the first time

1. I got to swap jerseys with Laurent and Nathalie when I abandoned in Carhaix


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September 17, 2011