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Interior 1000 Report
by Richard Blair

Seven riders entered and seven completed with the finishing times as follows: Ken Bonner, 56 hours and 24 minutes; Bob Goodison, 57 H, 20 M; Jeff Mudrakoff, 65 H 45 M; Doug Fox and Randy Benz, both in 66 H 30 M; and Bob Boonstra and Richard Blair, both in at 74 Hours.

The ride of approximately 1009km provided several challenges. First were the ascents which Randy Benz found totalled 7,655 m (+ or -). The climbing started in the first 60km of the ride with a serious 800m (+ or -)climb on Hwy 24 up from Little Fort, followed by a rich variety of ascents on Hwy 97 north of Quesnel and Hwy 16 east from Prince George to McBride. The most common sign we all learned were those noting that we were approaching a passing lane in 2km indicating yet another hill was forthcoming. That first sign would be followed at the start of the passing lane by yet another sign advising the length of the passing lane, thereby indicating the length of the hill. Some information is just plain overkill! Bears, deer, and moose were all spotted at points, particularly in the isolated parts of the 204km ride across Hwy 16 to McBride. In that section the only facility available for food and liquid was at the Purden Lake & Ski resort. Homemade pie topped with ice cream was great, delicious and superior to the usual fare of power bars and the ilk. The weather proved to be typical of the Interior on a bad, long summer weekend. Some of the faster riders encountered head winds east of Prince George. Then there was some sleet across Hwy 16, followed on Highways 95, 16 and 5 with rain, more rain and then on occasion torrential rain, the latter accompanied on Hwy 5 by a sound and light show of thunder and lightning south of Valemount. In between there was sunshine. If there was a between time. But apart from that, everything went well.


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July 5, 2011