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Henk's Flèche Ontario
by Staff

Our buddy, and card carrying BC Randonneur, Henk Bouhuyzen continues to rack up the kms in Ontario. Here are a few photos from his Flèche Ontario. His team did 462 km. But most fun of all the team took time out to take in the falls. Yes Niagara Falls! Sorry, we don't know who the other guys are. (Henk is in the middle at the falls, and on the right at the beach.) Click to enlarge:



May 26, 2011

Additional. Henk noticed the above burb and (below) he fleches out the story:

The team consisted of:

Fred Krawiecki
Stan Shuralyov
David Pearson
and myself

The Ontario Club had decided that the end point was to be in Oakville. Hence, I put the start point just north of the end point on the corner of Dundas and Travalgar Roads. See the overview map.

The weather was – for a change – perfect. A little wind mainly in our travel direction helped us along. The first 200 km was completed in just over 8 hours. The 200 Km point was actually a control point and located in Dunville, Ontario.

From here it was 66 km to Fort Erie and another 30 km to the Falls. Niagara Falls was just a zoo. Actually, that was to be expected with the nice weather and a long weekend.

We made it back to the official end point in Oakville at 2:15 Am; we had started the fleche at 5 Am. At that time we had completed 420 km, our promised distance. But it was too soon to finish; we had to do at least another 25 km in the last two hours. So after an 1/2 hour rest, the team started a 21 km trip to Toronto and 21 km back to Oakville. We did 6 km before reaching the 22nd hour and the rest of the 42 km out and back in the last two hours.

The final distance 420 + 42 –> 462 Km


May 28, 2011