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River Runs Through It - 200K
Preride Report
by Bob Goodison

I pre rode the "A River Runs Through It 200 today. Weather was cool and windy, but no rain. I will have to change a couple of turn intervals on the official route sheet, and it will have an additional information control, so riders should bring something to write with. The route uses a lot of quiet backroads which are very scenic (in this case NOT a euphemism for hilly). This is not to say there are no hills, but they are the low rolling variety, not huge ones. I saw a herd of 12-15 mule deer along Westsyde road. The ferry operator was pretty confident that the river won't rise enough in the next 2 weeks to cause it to shut down and have us use the "Plan B" route sheet "A River Runs Near it". Both routes have the same start point and are about 75% identical. If the fun ride I had today is any indication, it should be an excellent ride, and quite a departure from our usual interior routes. Hope to see you there.

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April 11, 2011