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Fraser Valley Flatlander 203 km
Permanent #18 Report, March 26, 2011
by Karen Smith

What a difference the time of year makes. To be able to start and end a 200 in daylight, was a real treat. And it was such a nice day for a ride. Many others must have thought so too, as we had never seen so many other cyclists in the Fraser Valley. We just had one bad dog (at the bottom of Olund hill). Temperatures ranged from 3°C at the start to 18°C mid afternoon (if we can trust the thermometer on my bike). We started with tailwinds and finished in a headwind. We pushed against that headwind for the last hour to get in within 10 hrs. Chests heaving and quads burning, we did it! : )

Post ride note: Spring has come to the Fraser Valley. You can smell it!


Ride date: March 26, 2011
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April 2, 2011