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Early Bird 200
Lower Mainland Season Opener, March 19
by Tracy Barill

Considering the time of year, it was a decent spring day with a mix of rain, wind, sun and clouds…but no snow. Riders returned in good spirits with the last rider making the best of a day at 12:32. Kevin Bruce and I sent the riders off into the rain. Alex Pope met all riders (except for two DNF) at Harrison Mills before the trek back to Waves Coffee. By the way, Waves coffee shop treated us all exceptionally well – a good member of the cycling community.

Most if not all riders mentioned an interest in the next lower mainland 200k as well as the upcoming Hell Week on Vancouver Island.

36 finishers and only 2 DNFs. Ali Holt was knock out early by a mechanical, and Sylvia Lee tallied an impressive 5 flats before being forced to surrender.

Special thanks Kevin Bruce for his time, company and organizational skills through the day.


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March 19, 2011