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Harrison Mills

Snowy NorSquatch
Permanent #77 Report
by Gary

The forecast was for plus six and isolated showers - not too bad for this time of the year - but unfortunately wrong. It started snowing as I turned onto Nicomen Island. It was blowing but not sticking to the pavement. It got colder and heavier as I approached Harrison. I was thinking it wasn't too bad, since it was snow and not rain. I told myself that wet and cold would be really miserable. The "silver lining" didn't last long (and neither did my plastic bag overmitts). On the return trip, the snow turned to ice pellets and then to heavy rain mixed with snow all the way back to Port Moody. I thawed out in Coquitlam and put dry clothes, balaclava and a fleece vest on for the last leg. I had almost left the vest and balaclava at home, thinking the weather would be better I was very glad I had them and probably would have abandoned the ride without the extra clothes. You have probably noticed that the shoulder has been removed west bound on Lougheed approaching the Pitt River bridge. It seemed to be missing for a few kilometres - not a good place to be in the dark and driving rain. So that's the February ride - miserable, but soon to be cured by the miracle of randonesia.

Ride date: February 21, 2011
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February 23, 2011