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Request for Rocky Mt 1200 Routes
from Ali, Jeff, Richard and Susan - Rocky Routes Committee

From February 22:
from the committee

This survey is designed to aid in the planning of a 1200km randonnée in BC for 2012. Your feedback is very useful and much appreciated. Link to surveymonkey (opens in a new window). Refer to route proposal details at the bottom of this page. Survey closes midnight March 15.

Rocky Mt 1200 Survey

From February 15:
from Ali Holt

Thank you to all those who submitted 1200km route options. Submissions are now closed. The selection committee will now review all route suggestions. A survey soliciting feedback from potential 2012 riders and volunteers will be sent out on or before the Spring Social, March 12th.

From February 1:
from Ali Holt

2012 will be the next date that the BC Randonneurs would be planning to host a 1200km brevet. Traditionally, this event has been the Rocky Mountain 1200. Some members have suggested that the club may wish to consider other route options. If you are interested in proposing an alternative 1200km brevet route for 2012, please submit these to Jeff Mudrakoff chair of the 2012 1200km brevet committee: by February 14th at the latest.

Your route proposal should take into account the following criteria: Link to Criteria

Here are the resulting proposals:

1. Traditional Kamloops Jasper Lake Louise Triangle Route [PDF]
Submitted by Roger and Ali Holt

2. Calgary to Harrison Hot Springs
Submitted by Tracy Barill

3. Banff - Whistler [PDF]
Submitted by Susan Allen

4. Northern Gold Rush [PDF]
Submitted by Susan Allen

5. Calgary to Whistler
Submitted by David Cambon

6. Monashee Magic
Submitted by Doug Fox

7. Prince George - Nordegg - Prince George (PNP)
Submitted by John Barach

8. Kootenay Loop [PDF]
Submitted by Tracy Wynnyk

9. Pacific Range Explorer
Submitted by Jeff Schlingloff

10. Cariboo Clockwise
Submitted by Ron Penner

11. Traditional Triangle Route, Counter-clockwise, Oyama Start
Submitted by Dan McGuire

February 1..., 2011