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Taking Part
There's More to Cycling Than Just Riding the Bike!
Harold Bridge

Before I ever rode competitively I was ushered into the amateur cycling world through the Club routine:
Pointing the way for racing cyclists to stay on course;
Marshalling a corner;
Preparing food packages for the longer events;
Running along, handing up bottles and/or food to the racing cyclists.
Then, when I was considered ready, I got to enter races.
The Randonneur scene is a bit different, we stop to get our control cards signed;
We are expected to be able to read a route sheet and stay on course without marshals directing us.
But there isn't too much difference otherwise.
Every event requires volunteers and they are usually the same people who also ride the events.
But we are unable to be both, we have to be one or the other.
It is essential that each club member takes a turn at managing a part of the process.
It has happened in the past that an undermanned event has led to some overworked volunteers quitting.

January 24, 2011