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Photos: Jim Runkel

Peninsula 200
Permanent #25 Report
by Jim Runkel

RT 25, of the permanent list, called the Peninsula 200, proved to be a fun ride. If you were unsure whether or not you liked a particular section of road, this ride allowed to you to revaluate the road by doing the same section in the opposite direction.

Philip and I exercised the "flexi perm" rules and started this ride at a control closer to our houses. At 10am we set out with the temperature a nice CRISP 3C. The sun came out, and by the time we broke through the tweed curtain into OAK BAY, it was a sunny and balmy 8C . The wind certainly help keep things on the cool side, and on the 3 trips UP the peninsula it was a head wind. On the three trips DOWN, it was a tail wind, and when zigging and zagging across the peninsula a side wind. Thankfully, precipitation was minimal with a few snow flakes in the morning, and some spitting rain in the afternoon. As we rounded the top of the Peninsula on Lands End Rd, the sun disappeared and for the next 6 hours the temperature dropped to a frigid 1C but sometimes got as warm as 3C,only to plummet to 1C again. This was certainly not our fastest 200 but it was our coldest. Thankfully, some Merino Sheep had given up their wool, and with three layers on the top, as well as the socks, I was relatively warm. It was also our first permanent ever, and so we were happy to accomplish this one on a WINTERY day in Victoria. Although, "wintery" may be up for debate especially if see the pictures of the golfer playing a few rounds!

Philip Lennox on RT 25


Ride date: December 5, 2010
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December 6, 2010