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Gary and Jeff en route down under
Photos: Ms. Dusink or Linda

Gary & Jeff at PAP 1200
by Eric Fergusson

Both Gary Baker and Jeff Mudrakoff have finished Perth Albany Perth in Australia. The riders progress list has them both arriving safely with plenty of time to spare. No official times are listed but there times are, I think:

Gary Baker 84:09
Jeff Mudrakoff 81:12

Way to go mates. Crack a cold one.

Ride stats, provisional:
1220 km - October 5-8, 2010

Starters: 68
Finishers: 53
DNFs: 15 (22.0 %)
Women Finishers: 2 (3.8 %)

Included in the finishers list is Jan Erik Jenson from Sweeden who many of us met at this years VanIsle 1200. The photos are from Hans Dusink (past president of the Randonneurs Mondiaux), and are on his flickr. Hans was riding and the photos were actually taken his and daughter and Linda. Special thanks to BC Randonneur's foreign correspondent Scott Garter who first drew our attention to the live feeds etc. from PAP.



October 10, 2010