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Co-organizer Tracy chats with Sigi at the control hub - Sigi and Leona's "Cozy Beach B&B" in White Rock
Photo: Bob Koen
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Thanksgivings Lowland 1000
by Bob Koen


Barry Chase     65:33
Dave Robar      65:33
Darren Inouye   67:41
Tracy Barill	  DNF @ 364 km (Saddle Sores)
Jim Fidler        DNF @ 364 km (Saddle Sores)
Mark Ford         DNF @ 364 km (Vision Problems)
Cheryl Lynch      DNF @ 364 km (Vision Problems)
Nigel Press       DNF @ 364 km (Vision Problems)

Tracy Barill - Organizer
Bob Koen - Organizer
Sigi Palme - Ride day(s) volunteer, B&B host, cook
Leona Bailey - B&B host

Saturday: High winds, heavy rains, near biblical conditions
Sunday: Delightful weather with a hint of summer
Monday: Much like Sunday. Some light sprinkles

There was quite a bit of praise for the route. While it stayed low, it was not flat. But it used a number of new and quite nice roads that we haven't ridden on before. We should repeat this route sometime, hopefully with better weather.

I will update the route sheets soon with corrections discovered during the ride, or during the preride of the day 3 loop that I did on day 2.

Host Leona and organizer Bob - The control is getting great reviews
Photo: Sigi Palme


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October 12, 2010