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Diablo’s Triple 1000 Mini-Series Report
by Ken Bonner

Diablo’s Triple 1000 -- This is no walk in the park! However, an approach of 400k; sleep; 400k; sleep and 200k, is a manageable way of dealing with each of the three brevets. There is an incentive to ride fast, as that means more rest time. It is possible to take more time to enjoy the scenery or eat well, but it is at the expense of recovery sleep. The Hare & Tortoise 1000 can be ridden with one sleep at Port Hardy, but only under reasonable weather conditions.

Total climbing for the three brevets is:

Upsy Downsy: 37,000 feet
Eureka: 33,000 feet
Hare & Tortoise: 27,000 feet

TOTAL CLIMBING: 87,000 feet

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June 17, 2010