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Permanent #65
"Sea to Sky to Sea" - 202 km
by Dug Andusiek

While others were off doing the Armstrong 1000 in an effort to ensure early registration for next year's PBP, I rode the Sea to Sky to Sea 200 (designed by Tracy Barill) in an attempt to salvage my "come back" year. Last year's labour relations imposed cycling ban meant that I came into this
year about 15 lbs heavier than 2008. On top of that, the month of February was spent in Whistler without a bike, so March was the furtive start to the randonneuring season.

To say this season has been a struggle is a bit of an understatement. No base miles, a promise to my wife to free up the later part of the summer, and a desire to push through and do a complete series and a 1000 this year meant that my conventionally conservative approach went out the window. I recall Michel once mentioning he was wanted to see how much cycling he could do in the season without training. I figured I would do the same thing (as a side note, I never did ask him how that season went).

I felt strong on the early 200 km rides in the LM, but the Pemberton 300 completely shattered me. I'm guessing it is the low fitness and extra weight (in combination with a very difficult route). I certainly enjoyed a wonderful Fleche with the "Slugs", and fortunately the route was pancake
flat. But this was followed to another suffer fest, the "Beyond Hope 400" that included a miserable climb up Hwy 3 to Rhododendron Flats. With only a week of recovery time, I traveled to Vancouver Island to do the Pacific Redeye, another ride of epic proportion with substantial vertical.
Unfortunately, this is where the wheels came off the truck, and I had to abandon in Tofino as it was clear that I just didn't have it in me to finish.

To ensure that I would get sufficient recovery and not do something silly like continue to ride, when I got home from Victoria, I completely disassembled my bike and took it Chris Dekerf for a paint job. Nothing like having your bike in the shop to ensure recovery.

Fast forward to June 20, with a beautiful new paint job (and some custom attachments), I mounted my "new" Gunnar at the Caulfield Starbucks and headed up Hwy 99. While it would have been nice to have a little more sun, I don't think I could have had a better day. Light traffic in the morning,
cool temperatures and clear rode surfaces all the way to Whistler. The visitor centre in Squamish (which you can access directly off of the Hwy 99) is well placed for a bathroom and water break. Lots of other riders on the highway during the day, perhaps Gran Fondo entrants training for the big
event in September. A bit of sun and blue skies in Whistler, but it stayed cloudy to the south, so I had to wear my knee warmers and jacket for the downhill sections. And of course, there was an inflow wind. To say it was moderate to strong is fair, as I noticed that the kite surfers were getting
air on Howe Sound, and the mono-hull sail boats were leaning over at least 10 degrees.

Overall, a good ride. Thanks to everyone who has made the Permanent program possible, especially Bob and Tracy.

Total distance: 203.6 Ride time: 10:09. vertical: 2708 m.

Ride Date: June 20, 2010

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June 22, 2010