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(photos: Eric)

Bean Bros. (Permanent 26)
by Eric Fergusson

The fog was very thick in low-lying areas well into mid morning. Towards Tsawwassen, where the fog was particularly heavy, I lost my bearings, went off course, and found myself on the wrong road into Tsawwassen. No idea where I went wrong. A confusing moment. But soon the fog lifted everywhere to reveal a perfect day - sun and cloud, unseasonably warm temperatures, no wind. It was a pleasant ride over roads familiar to me from many summers spent at Crescent Beach. It was interesting to ride these roads this time of year however - with the leaves off the trees there were sight lines I hadn't seen before. The control in Tsawwassen is at Diefenbaker Park and there's no nearby business. I wasn't sure what to do so I took a picture as proof of location. (I guess I could have asked that guy coming towards me in the picture to sign my card.) There's a fair bit of flat on this course, but as the route's establisher Bob Koen had reported after his ride, there are hills also, including some steep grades. Lots of construction on the route at the moment, but a great view of the very finished looking Golden Ears bridge from 96th after Ft Langley. In Fort Langley there was a large and bustling movie set. They were shooting a Christmas movie: a Santa's village, giant candy canes everywhere... I almost hit a US Postal Services delivery truck on Glover.

The route is this spring's Lower Mainland 200 with the start moved to Kerrisdale. Along with Bob, three other riders had ridden the inaugural permanent version of this route last week - Ian Attewill, Susan Barr and Jacques Bilinski. I would certainly recommend it, though when I rode it on a week day, truck traffic was very heavy in places (on 96th and on River Rd) so maybe this is a better weekend route.

Crescent Beach at 94 km

Ride date: November 17, 2008
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November 18, 2008