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(photo: Alex)

Permanent No 17 - Report
by Alex Pope

The results are as follows:
Stuart Wood, 11:30
Alex Pope, 12:38

We had a strong headwind at times between Hope and Surrey (especially along South Parallel Rd). Sunny and dry - some of the roads were wet as if it had very recently rained... just not when we were there. Stuart and I rode together for the first 200km but the pace was a little fast for me so I slowed down a little bit and then stopped for a late lunch at the Derby Bar and Grill. It turns out that the Derby is in the same building where Harold set up the fourth control in 2003 (probably because of the accessible washrooms) so we really did do exactly the same route as 2003... I was thinking it might be a couple hundred meters shorter. The hills at the west end of Zero Ave seem to have got steeper since 2003 (or is it just my memory going). There are a few new four way stops in Abbotsford. One of the new signs (Townshipline Rd @ Ross) has already been knocked down by a careless driver. We had two flats for the day: the first one was Stuart's rear tire just prior to climbing Woodside; the second one was also Stuart's which I heard about from Barb - apparantly he had some trouble repairing it so ended up walking the last km, and then walking back to our place to pick up his car - another 3km (I'll bet you he was wishing he had parked on 228th by the Petro-Canada).

Ride date: October 18, 2008
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October 18, 2008