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(photo: Alex)

Permanent No 1 - Report
by Alex Pope

The results are as follows:
Alex Pope, 9:30
Nigel Press, 9:30
Darren Maclachlan, 9:46
Jeff Mudrakoff, 9:46
Jerome Lavigne, 10:17

We rode at a good pace and had leisurely, sociable controls (I spent almost 2 hours off the bike). Later in the ride we did tend to get split up a bit more but we re-grouped at the controls so did do at least some riding as a group. The weather was cool, dry, and mostly clear. There were some headwinds -- not too strong -- and the occasional tailwind. I don't think we could have had better weather at this time of the year.

Ride date: October 12, 2008
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October 12, 2008