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Vancouver - Baja... a few photos:
from Duhane Lam

I met Duhane on my first 300km back in 1992. At the time I thought that riding a 400 or 600 was impossible. "How do I train for something that big" I asked. "What do you think we're doing now" he replied with a grin.

Duhane has the distinction of having ridden every Pacific Populaire going back to when reliable records were kept for that event in 1996. I notice also that he is on the finishers list for 1989. (He must have been 8 at the time.)

Lately Duhane has looked beyond randonneuring for his distance cycling challenges including a recent tour from Vancouver to Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the Baja Peninsula - almost 5000 km. He has graciously agreed to let me show a few of his photos from this trip to bring some light into your dark damp February. [Eric F]

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February 1, 2008