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Ken Bonner at PBP
C-KAP's top-distance man

Karen Smith climbs Mt Ventoux
C-KAP's top-distance woman

2007 C-KAP results published:
Oops, We Did It Again
by Eric Fergusson

BC Randonneurs finished at the top of the Canadian Kilometre Achiever Program's club distance list for 2007 for the fourth consecutive year. Ken Bonner was again the top over all individual distance rider. Karen Smith was at the top of the woman's list. Three of the top five rider's were from BC, and seven in the top 15. Here's the BC team list:

30,677  Ken Bonner
30,258  Henry Berkenbos
18,347  Jim Fidler
15,263  Graham Fishlock
13,988  Alexander Pope
12,790  Jack Sharkey
12,672  David Gillanders
12,163  Craig Premack
11,847  Michel Richard
10,171  Harold Bridge
 9,858  Al Gair
 9,424  Robert Frankham
 9,376  Karen Smith
 8,936  Manfred Kuchenmuller
 8,439  Gary Baker
 8,005  Raymond Parker
 7,394  Michael Poplawski
 6,861  Ivan Andrews
 6,944  Larry Voth
 6,411  E.W.(Wim) Kok
 5,579  Jennifer Douglas

Other BC Riders (not BC Randonneurs?):
 6,749  Ed Dixon, Victoria
 5,993  Joanne White, Victoria
 5,789  Neil Honkanen, Victoria [Image]

C-KAP's Hewes Challenge Award
22 BC Randonneur club members
- 258,219 km -

Ray gives Ken his 2007 C-KAP Awards
Photo: Stephen Hinde

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March 17, 2008