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Smells Like Trouble
Route Scandal Threatens VanIsle Eau de Hell Week Plans
by Eric Fergusson

Club members and randonneurs everywhere were shocked by the leaked photos from the Eau de Hell week 300 km pre ride:


Ride organizer Ken Bonner is refusing to comment on the situation, but Vancouver Island brevet coordinator Ray Parker is enthusiastic and unapologetic about the new route. "The BC Randonneur executive wanted more challenging rides for spring 2007 because they can be used as PBP qualifiers... Ken has delivered on this, big time!"

"In the unlikely event that anyone survives the first 299 km," continues Parker, "Mr. Bonner has arranged an additional surprise - a one km obstacle course through beautiful Chemainus." BC Randonneur News has obtain secret footage of pre-ride of this final section of the route:

(Click image to view secret footage)

The much anticipated VanIsle Eau de Hell week consists of a full brevet series (200, 300, 400, and 600 km) completed over seven days. It starts with the perennial favourite Tour of the Cowichan Valley 200 km on April 7, and continues with three new routes designed by Bonner. "Interest level had been high" revealed Parker "until the leaked photos from the 300 that is. Registration has kind of dropped off lately... There's a silver lining in all this. If registration numbers are a little down, we can be confident that there will be a spot for everyone who signs up." Entry will be limited to the first 4500 riders who register. Including recent cancellations, registration for the moment sits at around the one rider mark.


December 11, 2006

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