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August 13th 200km Adventure Ride
2nd Guglielmo Segato Memorial

by David Sudbury

Brevet Report
Since the turn out was limited and due to the complexity of the route the randonneurs rode the brevet as a group. It is hope that in subsequent years the route marking and the course guide will be further improved to allow individual riders to successfully negotiate the route.

Brevet Statistics
Elapsed Time: 12 hours
Riding Time: 8.9 hours
Distance: 200.61 km

Route Overview
Starting and ending at Spinnakers Brew pub this ride is essentially a lower island water front tour. Spinnakers to Burnt Bridge (behind Swanigan lake). This part of the ride, accomplished fairly early in the morning, will provide a wonderful vista of the Sannich peninsula and then the waterfront properties that line Swanigan Lake. You ride up the Koksilah River to the famous "Burnt Bridge". Climbing Kapour hill you will follow two grades of logging road, primary and secondary, over to Weeks Lake and then on to Valentine Mountain. At that point just before you descend, if you look to the right, there is a tremendous prow of land that if you go out, you will see, if it is not to cloudy, a vista encompassing Jordan Meadows and the various mid island mountains up the spine of the Island to the north. From there you essentially descend back down to the top of the hill before Jordan River. From there reality sinks in as you contemplate a 69k ride back to Spinnakers before last call.

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September 25, 2005