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Ken Bonner checked into the discussion list while still on the road after the Colorado Last Chance 1200. It was the fourth completed of the four American 1200 km brevets in 2006. His times were faster each ride. His Colorado time of 54:46 was good enough to be first finisher and set a new course record. (The old record was actually also Ken's: 59:05 in 2002.) This was Ken's third CLC 1200. Here's what Ken had to say [Eric F]:


With Margot's help, I finished at 9:46 am, Thursday, Sept 14th --- 1st finisher in 54h 46m. About 30 riders this year. Temperature was a little cooler this year (about 75 - 80 F in the daytime, but down to 39 F at night --- B-r-r-r!) I think I am done with riding 1200k randonnees for this year.

Dan Wallace, THREE time 1200k "dnf'r" was successful on his 4th 1200k attempt! He finished about lunch-time today. Dan rode the last RM 1200, but dnf'd because of Shermer's Neck; he tried Last Chance last year and had bicycle technical problems; and finally, at the last BMB, Dan dnf'd at about 850 k with Shermer's neck again. Dan deserves a major perseverance award.

Be back home again soon. ..... Ken

And hats off to Ron Himschoot for completing his second CLC 1200, this one in 86:34. Ron was one of three riders to finish the inaugural Last Chance back in 2001.

There were 3 other Canadians in the field in 2005: Henk Bouhuyzen from Toronto, Dean Zimmer from Winnipeg, and our friend Charlene Barach now living in Red Deer. All finished.

There were 29 starters (plus 3 riding a 1000 km version) and only 3 DNFs. [Eric F]

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Here's a more detail account of the ride which Ken sent in a few days later.

September 16, 2005