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This wasn't really newsletter submission - just one of Stephen's brief, amusing e mails which often accompany the Island ride results. [Eric F.]

Vancouver Island Spring 300
April 23, 2005 - Victoria, Duncan Route
by Stephen Hinde

3 volunteers: Carol Hinde, Ray Parker, Amanda Jones.
Weather: warm and sunny to noon. Overcast and muggy in the afternoon. Cold wind, and some rain towards midnight.
Flowers: wild, cultivated, all in bloom. Sooke has the most wonderful cherry trees, tall, laden with balls of pink blossoms, whipping in frenzy in the approaching storm front.
Mechanical award to: Melissa, for 3 flats and a launched light.
Mechanic award to: Scott, for fixing the above.
I-can't-believe-he-started award to: Robert, who had 3 flats and other wheel troubles in the starting lot, began 35 minutes behind, rode alone to 165km, where he caught Scott and Melissa (fixing flats). He then rode ahead, and decided he'd had enough at the top of Humpback Rd (of Assassins fame).
Photographer's award to: Ray, who set up where Prospect Lake makes a turn on to Munns, thereby causing the organizer to narrowly miss the bank on the low side of the road because he was busy preening.
"Look Ma, no hands" award to: Don, who rode his recumbent up hill and dale until dark, when he suddenly developed a bad case of lying down on the road when going slow.

The route has been measured in the past with varying elevation from 11,000 to 13,000 feet climbing. I measured it at 10,500, which is less than the Mt. Fuji 200.

Stephen & Carol

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April 25, 2005