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Honours for Bonner
by Eric Fergusson

While Ken Bonner was on the Mainland April 31 / May 1 (LM300 km on Saturday, Vancouver Marathon on Sunday), he was being recognized back home in Victoria (in absentia) as the Greater Victoria Sports Council’s Master Athlete of the Year (2004). Ken received the same award in 2000. Award recipients are selected by a committee drawn from the local media. Fellow Victoria boy Steve Nash was named Male Athlete of 2004.

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Meanwhile Ken is out there over-achieving all over again in 2005. This past Saturday Ken and Keith Fraser set a course record on the Island 400 - 13h56. The plan this season is to ride all four US 1200s and ride a whole lotta centuries (imperial ones - 100 miles). Ken has his eye on an Ultra Marathon Cycling Association competition called the "Year-Rounder Century Challenge". Ken's tally so far (to May 9) is an astonishing 61 centuries.

May 9, 2005