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Organizers Needed

Susan Allen


The minutes of the latest Executive meeting noted that we need organizers for a number of events/items. I enclose below a brief description of each position and a contact name to find out more (often the person who last held the position). If you can take on one of these positions please contact Frances Caton 839-3801.

* LM400-2: Second Lower Mainland 400 km ride (August 1-2): contact Harold Bridge 941-3448
* Canada Day Populaire: 136 km this year, about 75 riders, controls with food, July 1: contact Harold Bridge 941-3448
* Flèche: check riders routes (and keep them secret), secret controls, wrap-up party: contact Harold Bridge 941-3448
* Short Routes Coordinator: Help ride organizers set up short routes, run (or find someone to run) short ride day (May 25) act as an information source for riders interested in short rides (50, 100, 150 km)