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Susan Allen


In this edition a year ends (with nearly final results and a list of medal winners) and a new year starts (with the schedule). As I look back on 2002 I am well satisfied with my riding (if not with the promptness of my newsletters). I have a nice set of six matched pins (200, 300, 400, 600, 1000 and not least, the volunteer pin). I did my first 1000 km, my fastest 200 and generally had a great time. Similarly I think the club had a great year. The most 200's, 300's, 400's, 600's, 1000's and I'd guess the most volunteers. We ran a Rocky Mountain that should make us all proud. Next year is PBP 2003 and I predict another record year with a record number of riders completing PBP. I plan to be one! See you on the road.