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Happy Birthday Canada!

Ian Stephen


Eighty riders braved the menacing morning sky on July first to attend the Canada Day Populaire. Their courage was rewarded with a pretty nice day and a very nice ride. The route was slightly changed from last year’s, replacing one sketchy piece of road with a scenic and more interesting alternative thanks to previous organizer Harold, who did all the work of preparing the route, route sheet and map.

I should have thought to put a special warning on the route sheet about the rail crossing on River Road as I am still riding a dinged rim from going over it at last year’s AGM ride. True to form, that rail crossing ate a few tires on Canada Day too. Still the day went smoothly for almost everyone involved, especially for the organizer! Registration on the day was handled competently and almost single-handedly by my partner Cary, who asked as we left the house "Do you think I’ll be useful there?” Baked goods by Sharon received many appreciative comments from happy riders. [Sharon’s baking also allowed me to talk here about the food without mentioning the bananas, which were just fine this year by the way ;-)]. Danelle and John, Sharon and David, Francis and Derek handled controls with aplomb.

Even Roger the Treasurer had a hand in the day’s success by recommending that the entry be dropped to $15 from last year’s $20, a popular move among riders. Of course that meant that Roger had to pay less too... hmmm, there’s a name for that sort of thing isn’t there?

Thanks all you riders, without you the whole thing would be pointless, and thanks all who helped out, without you the organizer wouldn’t have had a day to just relax in the sun!

See ya next year!